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A Modest Little Man

A Modest Little ManI’m delighted to announce that my play about Clem Attlee is going to Liverpool while the Labour Party conference is in the city.

It will be at Liverpool’s excellent Epstein Theatre on 26 an 27 September.  We’re changing the name.  This time it’s called, simply, Clement Attlee

The first three runs in London were sold out a week before they began.

It describes how Attlee, “a modest little man with plenty to be modest about,” confounded expectations and created the welfare state.

Here’s what the critics said about it:

A very funny and at times moving account of Clement Attlee” - New Statesman

Beckett’s supreme achievement is to render all the affectionately drawn key characters of the time accessible, engaging and inspiring” - Morning Star

This is one of the most enjoyable fringe shows I have seen in ages” - Reviewsgate

A splendid illustration of Attlee’s towering absence of ego” - Broadway World

A thought-provoking piece that is distinctly aware of the importance of remembering the past in difficult political climates” -

A charming and hopeful production.” Era Journal: UCL Arts and Culture.

 “An entertaining and informative play about a landmark period of British history.” London pub theatres archive.

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