Capitalism is full of cruel iroinies.  "Virgin media shorts" says the announcer lady in a voice you could pour on a waffle.  "Championing undiscovered talent."

And I heard it because I was loyally watching the competition entry made by that splendid, but resting, actor Phil Philmar from Player Playwrights, who has helped me understand what's wrong with some of my plays.

His short film, which he hopes might help his shamefully undiscovered talent to be championed, is about a desperate actor (not a stretch, as he rightly says) who sees an advertisement in The Stage for a "genuinely earless actor" and cuts his ear off.

Of course the truth is - well, I won't spoil it (though if you haven't grasped the punchline by now, heaven knows how you navigated your own way to my website.)

The point is that the play is far nearer the truth than the glossy commercially-sponsored competition for which it's an entry.  London is full of really talented people, like Phil, who would love to be championed by the great and powerful Virgin - but are so desperate to use their talent that they will do anything.

See for yourself - and vote for Phil, so that the great and popwerful sponsor may shine upon him: