Francis Beckett

The media is all Bob Crow, because television wants him. Television wants him because he says the things television wants to hear.  He says strike.  He doesn't say why.

Everything I have heard today is true. Yes, this criris was caused by the bankers not the public sector; yes snouts in trough, yes.  But wheh you have heard the same statements made over and over again in ever more strident tones, the public starts suffering from indignation fatigue.  Dammit, even I do.

We have to keep finding new and different and more sophisticated ways of presenting  our case.  Just hectoring will set us on a course for defeat. 

Brendan Barber's cool, clear voice suggests he understand this.  But so long as there are the Bow Crows to listen to, he will be drowned out.

But there was the occasional new and different contribution. The farmworkers' splendid Ivan Monckton called for defence of the Agricultural Wahes Board - the only wages nboard to survive  the Thatcher cull. He said, rightly, that if it were abolished, it would be master and serf on the land again.

* I will be doing a daily TUC blog.